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About Jette Frölich

Jette Frölich has designed Home Decor and Christmas accessories in Denmark for over thirty years, and is known for the unique, elegant and simple style. Now she brings her collection of incomparable products for sale online, from Christmas decorations and candlesticks to tableware accessories and decorations. Get inspiration for your home, create your own modern look and bring a touch of Scandinavian style into your home.

Short story

In 1966, Jette Frölich began designing paper decorations. The Danish interior magazine "Bo Bedre" saw her design, and published an article about her in their Christmas issue, thus starting the whole adventure.

She spent 3 years in Tehran with her husband and 4 children, and here she was inspired by the minarets ornamentation. It was in these years that the idea of ​​starting her own company was created. In 1973, the family moved back to Denmark, where Jette Frölich bought a small handicrafts firm that made decorations of natural materials, including pinecones. The famous Danish Design Center "The Permanent" presented her first Christmas collection this year, while Jette Frölich opened a Christmas Exhibition in her own home.

Gradually, her paper clips became more popular than her pinecone decorations. In 1976 Illums Bolighus asked her to decorate a 14-meter tall Christmas tree and being their Christmas artist that year. It did, however, last for 29 years.

From 1980, Jette Frölich made decorations for the entire Royal Scandinavia Group, which included Georg Jensen, Holmegaard, Royal and Illums Bolighus.