Rights, complaints, service and warranty

Before making a purchase, consumers must be informed that they have a number of rights under the Sale of Goods Act in case of defective goods. The webshop does not need to provide information on the content of the rules of the Sale of Goods Act, but only that they can be used in case of defects in the goods purchased.

The consumer must also be told whether they can complain and the conditions under which they can complain, for example by appealing to the Consumer Complaints Mediation Team or another approved private complaints or appeals body.

It is possible for businesses to offer services, assistance or guarantees beyond what is guaranteed to consumers under the Sale of Goods Act. This could be, for example, an offer to tighten and adjust a bicycle after purchase. If the business has this type of offer, it must be disclosed before the purchase.

This information can be provided in the webshop's terms and conditions or contractual terms and conditions.