Winter stars, Porcelain ball


With its light bouquets of small branches and bright, golden stars sprinkled between them, the 'Winter Stars' bauble is the ultimate decoration for your table and windows.
The bauble is also super decorative hung from a branch in the garden or on the patio!
JFD silk ribbon for hanging is included.

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As an addition to the set 'Winter Stars' Jette Frölich Design presents here a super decorative ball in bone china.
Around the sphere are light bouquets of paradise apple branches and twigs of mistletoe and larch. Bright golden stars are scattered between the bouquets.
Here is the ultimate decoration for your table, windows - and for the garden, if you wish!
Place a few of these gorgeous baubles between plates, glasses and cutlery on a nicely laid table, hang them in pairs in the window, above the mantelpiece or in a corner of the living room that needs something to spruce it up a bit. Or hang a few from branches on your terrace when you have guests for a nice lunch in the summer.
JFD silk ribbon attached.

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Weight 0.218 kg
Size 8 cm

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