Winter stars, Light bulb


Candle in fine porcelain decorated with beautiful branches, a sprinkling of golden stars and small holes in the porcelain.
This candle is perfect as an addition to a beautiful table setting and as everyday decor in your home, wherever you need a small and beautiful light.

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When you set the table for your guests and choose your fine china, 'Winter Stars', you want it to be perfect, don't you? As an addition to your beautiful table setting, Jette Frölich has designed a candle lantern in the fine bone china from which the 'Winter Star' set is made, and she has decorated it with beautifully arranged, long and slender branches from the Paradise Apple tree along with a sprinkling of golden stars. To top it all off, there are tiny holes in the porcelain that give a glimpse of the candle inside and radiate an almost supernatural light.
Of course, you can also use your 'Winter Stars' candles on the coffee table, on the windowsill, on the mantelpiece, or anywhere you need a little beautiful light.

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Weight 0.208 kg
Size 8.7 × 7.5 cm

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