Vinterskov, Hvide Træer (2 Designs)


A set of 2 beautiful pine trees of white painted metal in respectively small and medium.
Let these beautiful trees decorate your windowsills, your coffee table or your lunch and dinner table together with several - and maybe several kinds - of these beautiful pine trees.
Also available in both silver and gold metal.

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A set of two silver pine trees, one small and one medium. Decorate the mantelpiece, coffee table or Christmas table with several of these beautiful long-stemmed pine trees, possibly in a stylish mix with the pine trees also available in gold and white. Place the pine trees on a mirror, sprinkled with sugar or salt, and create the illusion of a true winter wonderland.

Arrange them with other of Jette Frölich's winter landscape designs, such as the Winter Landscape Candle Holder with Birds or the Large Pine Tree for Candles.

Also available in both silver and gold metal.

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