Pavilion, Light in Gold


A beautiful, golden gazebo with small birds, decorative wreaths of paradise apple branches and a pot holder at the bottom. The birds fly around silently when the candle is lit.

This design from Jette Frölich's magic scissors exudes both intimacy and openness at the same time.

Also available in Silver.

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Jette Frölich has once again been inspired by her garden. In this wonderland you will find small pavilions, and the beauty of them is that they are intimate spaces - with a view. Birds fly in and out, and they often find a place to nest in the intertwined paradise apple branches that surround the pavilions.

With her scissors, Jette has transformed this impression into a beautiful golden pavilion with decorative wreaths of paradise apple branches and birds that fly silently around when you light the candle at the bottom.

Also available in Silver.

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